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(ARCHIVE) VOL. XXII No. 12, October 1-15, 2012
Our Readers Write

Directory needed

Whither has fled the Telephone Directory? It is ages since I got the one I have. Every number I dial is met with a smug female recorded voice which seems to mock me by saying, "This number... (pause)... does not exist." It only seems to ignite kolaveri within me.

Why cannot the BSNL give us an updated directory?

C.G. Prasad
9, C.S. Mudali Street
Chennai 600 079

Vanishing water bodies

Apropos 'Where are those water bodies?' (MM, August 1st), the 1978 class group of IIT, Madras, as part of its Pearl Reunion celebrations, commissioned DHAN Foundation, Madurai, to conduct a study of the water bodies along OMR/IT Corridor/Rajiv Gandhi Salai.

The study identified 153 water bodies, many of which are used for irrigation, drinking water, domestic washing, bathing and livestock maintenance. However, 51 of these water bodies were found to be under different phases of encroachment. The study highlights the present status of water bodies which are in different stages of destruction.

No doubt the IT Corridor may not be a part of the city proper but, nevertheless, is considered part of Greater Chennai. Ironically, the road itself is a barrier to the free flow of water and is a 'hindrance' to the water bodies.

Many of these water bodies can be restored. What they are waiting for is a Good Samaritan with a few lakhs of rupees. Perhaps the corporates and IT companies located in the IT Corridor can take up the restoration of one water body each.

To get an electronic copy of the report, please send an email to

B. Gautham
137, Wallajah Road
Chennai 600 002

A justice as author

The excellent article 'Luminaries of Madras High Court' (MM, September 16th) mentions of Justice A.S.P. Aiyar. In addition to being an eminent jurist, he was also a prolific author. His translations and retelling of the Panchatantra and Hitopadesa are lucid and well written. He also authored a number of biographies, Three Men of Destiny being one of them: a semi-fictional account of the lives of Chandragupta Maurya, Akbar and Alexander the Great.

He also wrote amusing accounts of Tenali Raman. Very humorous indeed they are.

Are these books out of print? Can they be resurrected?

Dr. Dorasami Raman
Shanthi na mara
Glasbolie, Ballintra Co.
Donegal, Ireland

Missing author

The author of the article 'Luminaries of the Madras High Court' which appeared in the last issue of Madras Musings was T.K. Srinivasa Chari. We regret omitting his name.

– The Editor

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