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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XVIII No. 10, september 1-15, 2008
(Ranjitha Ashok)

"Now you can check in your lost baggage, Sir!"

Lost in transition

 Sooner or later, everyone runs into that maddening ‘will-it-won’t-it’ side of Life.

And what better place for this quality to manifest than at the airport baggage carousel, especially at the end of a long, bone-crushingly tiring journey?

Initially, watching other people’s baggage is fun.

You sneer at virulently magenta suitcases that shoot out base over apex, giggle at the feverish innovations travellers use to ensure recognition (so many pink stickers?!), and get a laugh out of some of those pasted on names that trundle past you.

But soon this uppity mood lessens, and a V-shaped frown appears between the brows, while the lower lip is nervously chewed on.

Baggage, baggage everywhere, and not one of them is yours.

Did you pay attention when your bags were being tagged?

What if, at this very moment, your baggage, lost and alone, is winging its way to another hemisphere far, far away?

What if someone else has walked away with your stuff?

And who knew you could get so emotionally attached to suitcases?

Panic… dread… and the feeling is reduced only by a bit if you’re on home ground, and needn’t worry about clothing.

Rumour has it that this recently happened to the Big B himself...

Oh well, if the stars don't spare their own kind... what are our chances?


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