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(ARCHIVE) Vol. Vol. XVIII No. 12, october 1-15, 2008
Quizzin' with Ram'nan

(Current Affairs questions are from the period September 1st to 15th. Questions 11 to 20 pertain to Chennai and Tamil Nadu.)

1. Who is the running mate of the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Presidency, Barack Obama?

2. Which was Michael Phelps’ 8th record-breaking gold medal event at the Beijing Olympics?

3. One more on the Olympics. In which sports and weights did India’s Vijender Singh and Sushil Kumar win bronze medals?

4. Which prized ancient work, first discovered in the 1940s, will be made available on the Internet once it is digitally photographed?

5. Which river, because of changing its course in Nepal, wrecked havoc in Bihar recently?

6. Which eminent news service mistakenly sent an incomplete obituary for Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently?

7. Name the alleged mastermind behind the July 26th Ahmedabad serial bomb blasts who was arrested in U.P. on ­August 16th.

8. Name Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi’s party that he launched on August 26th.

9. Which eminent Indian theatre-film-literary personality has been elected World Theatre Ambassador of UNESCO’s International Theatre Institute?

10. Name the U.K. group whose entire equity base was bought by Infosys, in an all-cash deal, for £407.1 million (Rs. 3,310 crore).

* * *

11. Name the garden house, now a Government guest house in Ooty, bought in 1958 from the Maharajah of Jodhpur and which saw the State ­assembly sit in ­session for some days in 1959.

12. Where was the first annual conference of the Music Academy held in 1929?

13. Tamil Theni and Langulan were ‘nom de plumes’ of whom?

14. Which building in Chennai was planned by M.Ct.M. Chid­am­baram Chettyar in 1952 as Head Office of United ­India Life and New Guardian Life?

15. Name the place 25 km from Kanniyakumari and 35 km from Nagercoil where a nuclear power plant is under construction.

16. Which place on the outskirts of Chennai, on the Great Northern Trunk Road, is known for milk and mangoes?

17. After whom is the road linking the East Coast Road with the OMR named?

18. Fill in the blanks to complete the title of a recently-released book on a Chennai institution: “A tradition of Madras that is Chennai: __ ___ ____”.

19. Where does the Kollidam split from the Kaveri and flow into the Bay of Bengal?

20. Name the three categories of consonants in Tamil letters/­alphabet.


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1. Cara Black; 2. La Princesse; 3. It’s a new particle made of three quarks (two strange and a bottom); 4. Asif Ali Zardari; 5. Richard Wright; 6. The Ozone hole over the Antarctic; 7. Lehman Brothers; 8. Sebastian Vettel; 9. Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan; 10. Duvvuri Subbarao.

* * *

11. Anita Ratnam; 12. He was the first Mayor of Madras when the Corporation of Madras was inaugurated on September 29, 1688; 13. Madras Government Museum; 14. Cottingley; 15. First Indian to be appointed to the bench of the Madras High Court; 16. Karagattam; 17. St. Andrew’s Kirk; 18. Royapettah House; 19. Kapaleeswarar Temple tank; 20. Satyamurthi Sagar.


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