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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XX No. 22, March 1-15, 2011
By Ranjitha Ashok

It's a Date

"Darling, I know we are going on our honeymoon before the wedding, what to do...I could get the hotel booking with the 'honeymoon package' for these dates only!"

See that well-dressed group, huddled together at the intersection...holding up traffic, getting cursed, feverishly rummaging through what looks like a stack of heavily embellished documents in their hands?

Who are they and what are they studying so intently?

State secrets?

Maps for buried treasure?

A guide to some of the city’s more hard-to-understand flyovers...?


They’re wedding guests – and they’ve got their event-venue sequence all messed up. And given today’s big, fat weddings – huge problem.

All because of Dates, those instruments of torture so beloved of the Cosmic Comedy Crew.

Dates are the reason why weddings these days seem so scattered...a reception here; a mehendi there, and a muhurtham somewhere else.

What to do?

You like the venue; but it’s not free. Or the venue is – but crucial wedding elements – like the bride and bridegroom – are missing.

Rumour has it that there are families who go: “Oh Groom-Schwoom; Bride-gride...first fix the ‘hall’...we’ll worry about the couple later.”

Makes sense – in a bizarre way.

Planning to pop the question?

Practising whispering a shy ‘Yes’?

Awwww, that’s sweet – remember, there’s nothing more important in weddings than...Dates and Venue.

And making sure these two pesky, unpredictable ‘twain’ meet.

Nothing like a good start to a new life.


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