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VOL. XXIV NO. 14, November 1-15, 2014
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Till November 25: Resurgence, an exhibition of paintings, sculptures and installations by various artists (at Apparao Galleries @ The Leela Palace).

Pop People Forest Fantasy, an exhibition of paintings by P.G. Dinesh and Pravin Sawarkar (at Apparao Galleries @ Sandy’s Cenotaph Road) and @ Sandy’s Nungambakkam.

November 7: Concert: classical and contemporary music with Siegfried Mauser (piano) and Gottfried Schneider (violin) (at Goethe-Institue, 7.30 p.m.).

November 18: Identity and Conflict: Expressions through Cinema – a programme of short films presented by the curators, Anomaa Rajakaruna (in person), and Susanne Sachsse, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, and Marc Sieggel (via skype video introduction). The main themes will be pursued further in six programmes in March/April 2015.

The films to be screened are: Helke Sander’s film Subjektitude (1966, 4 min), a brief look at a woman’s negotiations with gender relations while waiting at a bus stop.

Egyptian short film, On a Monday by Tamer El Said (2005, 10 min) suggests how a married couple can rediscover their love for one another through a slight change in their daily routine.

Karpo Godina’s Healthy People for Fun (Yugoslvia 1971, 14 min) is a tribute to the ethnic, religious and cultural diversity of Vojvodina province in Serbia.

Subasri Krishnan’s This or That Particular Person (India 2012, 26 min) reflects on issues of personhood and citizenship in the context of the Indian Unique Identification number project 2009.

18th of May by Supun Vishvabuddhi (Sri Lanka 2012, 12 min) refers to the day before the Sri Lankan armed forces claimed victory over the Tamil rebels.

Blames and Flames by Mohammadreza Farza (Iran 2012, 28 min) focusses on the targeted destruction of cinemas during the Iranian revolution of 1978/79

(At Goethe-Institut, 6.30 p.m.)

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