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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XIX No. 10, september 1-15, 2009
Quizzin' with Ram'nan

(Current Affairs questions are from the period June 16th to 30th. Questions 11 to 20 pertain to Chennai and Tamil Nadu.)

1. Which country became the first in the history of South America to declare the right of indigenous people to govern themselves?

2. Researchers have detected a new HIV strain in a Cameroon woman. Different from three known strains, it is said to be related to the virus in which simian?

3. Recently, experts were delighted over the birth of an endangered bird that is rarer and more endangered than the tiger in Haryana and West Bengal. Which bird?

4. WASP-17b, an exoplanet discovered recently, is unique because of what trait?

5. The two American journalists who were recently freed by a high-profile Bill Clinton mission to North Korea worked for Current TV, a media company jointly owned by which Nobel Laureate?

6. Name the founder of the Special Olympics who died recently (Clue: She was the sister of a cha­ris­matic U.S. President).

7. What is the title of the film featuring footage of the late Mi­chael Jackson rehearsing for his comeback shows? It is to be released in October.

8. In which U.S. airport was Hindi actor Shah Rukh Khan detained and questioned for two hours recently, leading to national furore?

9. Which South African cricketer was said to have failed a drug test during IPL-II?

10. Why were Major Mohit Sharma and Major D. Sreeram Kumar in the news recently?

*     *     *

11. Where in Chennai can you spot the Hynmer’s Obelisk?

12. Which Governor of Madras was responsible for the 150-ft tall teakwood flagstaff in Fort St. George, which remained the tallest in India till it was taken down in 1994?

13. Expand the initials G.N. in the famous vocalist G.N. Bala­subra­maniam’s name.

14. Which residential colony in Chennai is at present in the place that once housed the Shobanachala studio?

15. With which theatre legend would you associate plays like Sabapathy, Manohara, Dancing Girl (Dasi Penn), and Vanipurathu Vanigan?

16. Which place in Tuticorin District is associated with G.U. Pope?

17. Which minor basilica, near Tiruvaiyyaru, is said to have arelic of the True Cross, believed to be the one on which Christ was crucified?

18. In which month and year was Madras State renamed Tamil Nadu?

19. What first did Aaron Baker achieve in the 17th Century with regard to the city of Madras?

20. What successful business was set up by G. Natarajan in 1982 at 24, II Main Road, Gandhi Nagar in Chennai?


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Answers to Quiz

1. Bolivia; 2. Gorilla; 3. Two slender billed vultures; 4. It orbits in the opposite direction to the spin of its star; 5. Al Gore; 6. Eunice Kennedy Shriver; 7. This is it; 8. Newark Airport; 9. Dale Steyn; 10. They have been conferred the highest peacetime gallantry award, the Ashok Chakra.

*     *     *

11. Law College hostel campus; 12. Elihu Yale; 13. Gudalur Narayana­swamy; 14. Venus Colony; 15. Pammal Sambandam  Mudaliar; 16. Sawyerpuram; 17. Poondi Madha Basilica; 18. August 1968; 19. He was the first President of Madras when the Presidency of Fort St George was created in 1652; 20. Grand Sweets and Snacks.

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