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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XIX No. 15, november 16-30, 2009
By Ranjitha Ashok

Forward, Forward, Churning Bright

It’s great to get e-mails. (That old fear that you may have fallen off the edge of the Earth when no one was looking can be briefly set aside.)

Yes, I forwarded the mail to ten people and I’m assured of good luck in the next five minutes!

But this business of forwards –

They’re certainly nice to receive. Someone out there thought you’re the kind who’d be interested, and that’s always gratifying.

But is there any specific etiquette involved?

Like – are you supposed to acknowledge every forward?

And is it okay to tell well-meaning souls that, much as you appreciate their good intentions, sending you supposedly ‘blessing-filled’ forwards that warn of dire personal consequences if you don’t follow instructions (like reading the message thrice; or that ominous “Remove image instantly” one) is just plain frightening, so can they please stop?

Likewise those guilt-trip ones, and those that portion out good fortune – ‘Send this to ten people, your life will improve by 50%; send this to one, and you’ll receive a small-ish samosa’?

Also, how quickly can you delete stuff without feeling you’re being vaguely insulting?

The good thing here is that it is ultimately between you and your computer. Your finger hovers over the key board; your computer screen gazes gravely back, then appears to wink in understanding ... and you come down hard on ‘Delete’.

Until tomorrow...


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