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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XIX No. 16, december 1-15, 2009
By Ranjitha Ashok

Injurious to some

A certain rumour (probably apocryphal) has it that a young gentleman, incensed by his abysmal failure in attracting the opposite sex despite a liberal application of a certain after-shave lotion, is suing the manufacturer of said “magic” potion.

“This perfume is supposed to attract the opposite sex and not these bitches!”

“I was told I’d become irresistible,” the ‘victim’ cried, “That they’d flock to me like moths to a flame.... Ha! Even the dampest of squibs has a better love-life than me. All I have are complaints that I’ve become a menace to society because of my permanent pong.”

True or not, it’s a sad story, typical of the trusting, child-like human tendency to fall for every line that presents itself.

You risk severe neck injuries by trying to swish your tresses like on TV .... oh, come on, did you really think a couple of doses of that shampoo would somehow transform that steel-wire mass on your head into one long, luscious mane?!

And clean teeth, while a must, cannot, by themselves, guarantee relationships.

Incidentally, did you see the one about that wonder cream?

Apparently, it will wonders on that network of crags, canyons and lines, otherwise known as ‘faces’ – on some – anyway.

Hmmm – worth trying?

See – that’s the nice thing about the human race.

We never learn.


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