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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XIX No. 17, december 16-31, 2009
Quizzin' with Ram'nan

(Current Affairs questions are from the period November 16th to 30th. Questions 11 to 20 pertain to Chennai and Tamil Nadu.)

1. How did Tareq and Michaele Salahi make news on November 24th?

2. What new record did the Large Hadron Collider set on November 30th to beat the previous mark held by the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory’s Tevatron Collider?

3. The French First Lady, Carla Bruni, said this about appearing in whose film: “I cannot in my life miss an opportunity like this”?

4. What is the ‘Oasis of the Seas’?

5. According to Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perceptions Index, which is the most and the least corrupt nation?

6. In which part of the world was the largest ever mass yellow fever immunisation programme launched recently, targeting 12 million people?

7. In which Caribbean city was the latest Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting held?

8. Name the property company in Dubai that is unable to pay its debts, precipitating a global financial crisis.

9. A rare first edition of a path-breaking book, observing the 150th anniversary of its publication, was recently sold for more than £100,000 after being found on a shelf in a toilet in Oxford­shire. Name the work.

10. Which popular TV series recently lampooned Nicolas Sarkozy, showing him answer the phone with the words, “You’re getting cosy with Sarkozy”?

* * *

11. Which educational institution would you find at the place once called Palm Grove in Royapettah?

12. Which building on Mount Road, now changed beyond recognition, was originally built for Whiteaway, Laidlaw & Co.?

13. In the magnum opus Chandralekha, who played Veer Singh to T.R. Rajakumari’s Chandralekha?

14. The recorded first marriage at St. Mary’s Church in the Fort in Madras took place on November 4, 1680. Name the bridegroom now better remembered for a famous academic institution.

15. Why is January 14, 1958 an important date in the history of The Hindu?

16. Who now owns the striking-looking Bharat Building on Mount Road?

17. What company, the first Indian-owned one, did Lingam Brothers, with Vijendra Rao as the promoter, float in 1906?

18. The largest and most important temple built by the Pallava king Rajasimha is the....?

19. In which building did Sir Tiruvarur Muthuswami Aiyer become the first Indian to sit on the High Court Bench as an acting judge in 1878?

20. How did Holloway’s Gardens, Egmore, make history in the world of communications in India on July 31, 1924?

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1. They were the uninvited couple who gate-crashed Barack Obama’s State dinner for the visiting Indian Prime Minister; 2. It accelerated its protons to an energy of 1.18 TeV to set a new particle energy acceleration record; 3. Woody Allen; 4. The world’s biggest cruise ship that was launched recently; 5. Somalia and New Zealand; 6. West Africa (especially Benin, Liberia and Sierra Leone); 7. Port of Spain in Trinidad &Tobago; 8. Dubai World; 9. Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species; 10. The Simpsons.

* * *

11. Kesari School; 12. Victory House, where the VGP store now is; 13. M.K. Radha; 14. Elihu Yale (of the university fame); 15. Its first page changed from an all-advertising page to a news page; 16. The LIC; 17. United India Life Assurance Company; 18. Rajasimheswara (Kailasanatha) temple at Kanchipuram; 19. Bentinck’s Building; 20. The Madras Presidency Radio Club started the first broadcasting service in India in these premises.


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