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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XIX No. 21, february 16-28, 2010
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Till February 28: TV Viewers, a Tele-Spectateurs by Olivier Cul­mann who photographs people watching television. And their television sets. The viewers look right into them, hypnotised by the pictures that move across the screen in succession. Olivier Culmann captures the moment when the attention is relaxed, consciousness lulled into sleep by the phosphorecence of the cathode ray tubes. At this moment, bodies often settle down comfortably, curl up, then sink into the seat. Nothing more ordinary. And nothing more worrying. For it is in this state of near immobile passivity, in this torpor of the thought that we, TV viewers, receive the whole world. Not the real world but an image of the world, a phantasm of the real (at Alliance Francaise).














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Planning for better days for the Cooum
Pedestrian safety – a matter of low priority in Chennai
Three men, a sidewalk and a morning Tamil paper
After the SVS days – the slide
Historic Residences of Chennai - 36
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