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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XIX No. 22, march 1-15, 2010
By Ranjitha Ashok

Bleep that beep

This ‘It pays to advertise’ line of thinking is all very well but sometimes things go too far.

Hey, what luck! This sms says, XYZ bank is offering me a housing loan of Rs. 1 crore without any paperwork. All they need is two passport size photos!

Commercial breaks on TV are bad enough, but they do serve a purpose... pit stops, refreshments, even brief conversations.

But when it comes to cell phones...

In that first second when your cell phone beeps, announcing a message, a world of possibilities opens.

A friend?

A forwarded joke?

A secret romance?

That long awaited invitation...?

No – instead you get: “Want to lose that excess weight? Call...”

And faith takes a toss – again.

Bit much, when faceless entities can hassle you about weight issues via your cell phone.

No – you do NOT want to buy or lease land; or borrow money, even if interest rates are so low, they’ve practically disappeared underground; and, as the Universe is your witness, you will NEVER step into La Pretentious Boutique again for daring to beep you not once, but FIVE times in one day... and you don’t care if it is indeed the “Sale of the Millennium”.

This is all getting TOO MUCH.

(You know those calming breathing techniques your therapist recently prescribed for you? Now it maybe a good time to start.)

Everyone talks of ‘blocking’; better still, maybe, ‘They’ can just declare cell phones ‘No advertising zones’.


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