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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XIX No. 23, march 16-31, 2010
By Ranjitha Ashok

The ‘Ping’ factor

There was a time when ‘security’ merely meant ‘safety’ or ‘freedom from care’. But today...

I’m afraid I can’t allow you to board the flight, sir... your nose is too sharp!

Going to a movie, stepping out for dinner – even the mildest of activities involves walk-through detectors, screening, and having to place your bag on an X-ray contraption.

It’s bad enough that said bag is a distinctly self-indulgent bit of glitter that makes you feel foolish when it rolls out the other side; what’s worse is that the Eye-That-Was-Watching now knows you for a messy bag-ian. (Old gum wrapped in tissues is always such a dead giveaway.)

As for travel, especially by air... well, at least your knowledge of units of measurements and volume has increased.

So many kilos; so much ‘ml’...

Well, this is for general good; and you’re thankful to the brave souls who undertake these tasks.

Just one small request.

Could ‘They’, please, please, not wrap security tags around the locks on the suitcases?

Seriously, they’re a hideous mess. And, later, so is trying to pick gummy paper off tiny locks, and then leaping about the room, waving your hands frantically trying to get those same gummy bits off your fingers... Look, who has the time these days?

But, yes, bottom line – safety first, even if it gives you heartburn sometimes.


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