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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XIX No. 24, april 1-15, 2010
By Ranjitha Ashok

Single ‘Sambar Vadai’ means a four

It’s back... the Grand Tamasha.

It’s my pet, IPL, he is completely into cricket!

With the whole deal! Hours and hours of TV that ignores (ahem!) certain people’s favourite programmes; the profile-only view of partners for so very long, you actually receive a shock when you finally see them face-to-face; and the reworking of food rules.

Gobbling during breaks; or eating with your eyes fixed on the screen, especially when restaurants provide TV screens.

There they sit, table after table, the Sportazoids, gazing in utter, hypnotised silence at the screen...mechanically raising hands to mouths...sometimes getting an eye or ear instead.

And cuckoo-dom goes into high gear.

Lucky T shirts, lucky chairs, and even lucky food. (Seriously – there are a lot of them out there.)

Communication, both dramatic and every-day, is best avoided.

Somehow, “I’m leaving for the Himalayas to find my true self,” becomes less impressive when it goes: “I’m leaving.... (SIX; THAT’S A******SIX) for the (CATCH, DAMMIT.... WHY ARE YOU EVEN ON THE TEAM?) Himalayas (YOU CALL THAT FIELDING?) to.....”.

And so you sensibly decide to back off, and have your meltdown post-April 25, 2010.

And what provides the only moments of blessed ordinariness?

Commercial breaks...otherwise the bane of TV watching.

So life goes on – sometimes real; sometimes surreal.... and it’s getting tougher to tell the difference.


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