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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XIX No. 5, june 16-30, 2009
(By Ranjitha Ashok)

He’s getting married?!!



And to Veronica?

"Hey, guys, our Ron baby is getting married! Do you think it’s an arranged marriage?"

You know, a long, long time ago, before Cable TV, malls, multiplexes and designer-coffee…for some of us, even before Amar Chithra Katha… there was Archie Andrews, his gang, and his constant ­see-saw between Veronica and Betty.

Archie is now a teenager in his late sixties.

Carpers (a regrettably prolific tribe) will wonder loftily what relevance any of this could possibly have for anyone here – now or decades ago.

Granted – but many who grew up on these comics (admittedly a specific section) are wondering whether this issue even needed resolving.

The real question is, should characters you grew up on be allowed to grow up themselves?

It’s bad enough that their real-world readers have no choice but to, or try to, do so, even if it means failing gloriously in the attempt.

What next?

The Phantom being ticked off by Diana for forgetting to pick up groceries, and not replacing the frayed ropes in their tree-house?

Or Lois Lane grappling with credit-card debt, saddled with a partner who’s always taking off?

Issue No 600 – that’s apparently the crucial one.

Some suggest that Archie’s choice of bride symbolises ­global recession.

Others call it a mere sales ­gimmick.


This is what happens when former readers grow up too much.


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