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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XXI No. 6, July 1-15, 2011
By Ranjitha Ashok

Word on the street

Chennai’s streets are thrilled.

They’re being given a makeover, a new look – and after constantly hearing themselves described as ‘crowded’, ‘bumpy’, ‘pot-holed’, ‘water-logged’, and ‘downright filthy’ – they feel a few kind words would make for a nice change, a pleasant treat.

And treat it is. 

The streets are getting new signs – spruced up, glossy, using ‘micro-prismatic sheeting’, no less.


The ‘retro-reflective’ elements will make reading the signs in the dark easy.


Even better if they remember to make the signs non-direction-discriminatory, with special focus on those shy little roads with coy signs that can be read only from one side, which makes identification possible only after you whiz past, leading to strained necks, screeching brakes, reversing in heavy, unfeeling traffic, and raucous arguments and accusations in/on the vehicle – all very unpleasant.

These new signs will also give advance intimation on fuel stops, traffic signals, etc.

Again, nice.

If only they could provide brief lessons on road usage as well.

‘Oi! Indicators indicate intention’...that sort of thing.

Apparently, there was some debate over which colour would provide the better background for the signs – green or blue.

 Chennai preferred blue.


The lady has class – she knows blue will match the Bay.

Good call, Chennai.

Cartoonist Biswajit is out of town and is unable to send us the cartoon for this issue.


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