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(ARCHIVE) VOL. XXII No. 13, October 16-31, 2012
Opportunity beckons in Rock Fort City

Coincidentally, a day after our last issue came out, in which Civilian P. Sabana-yagam advocated moving the capital of Tamil Nadu to the Tiruchchirappalli area to alleviate the difficulties of the people, this article titled 'Plenty of realty opportunities lie in Rock Fort City' appeared in the journal, Our Building and Construction. It is certainly significant in the context of last week's suggestion.


Space constraint, pollution, water scarcity, congestion and what not! A growing city faces all these issues. And a citizen desiring to buy a place for his own will have to compromise on these aspects many a time. But there is at least one city in the State where you need not bother about all of them or, at least, most of them – the Rock Fort City, Tiruchchirappalli (Trichy).

Trichy is the fourth largest urban agglomeration in Tamil Nadu and is the most centrally located city in the State. It has long been prominent industrially, educationally and as a tourism centre.

The city connects the southern districts of the State with Chennai through road, rail and air. The upgradation of the Trichy airport into an international airport has raised its significance in the global map. Currently, there are flights to Southeast Asia and West Asia.

The city has historically been ruled by many dynasties from the Early Cholas, Early Pandyas, Pallavas, Medieval Cholas, Later Cholas, Later Pandyas, Delhi Sultanate to the Madurai Sultanate and then by the Vijayanagar Empire, Nayak Dynasty, the Carnatic rulers and the British.

Pilgrimage is one of the important features of the city. Co-existence of industry, agriculture, government offices and institutions is another feature of the city. Opportunities are aplenty with the establishment of public sector enterprises like Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Heavy Alloy Penetrator Project, and the Golden Rock Railway Workshop. There are many auxiliary units of these industries that generate still more jobs.

Additionally, there are many leading industrial units in the private sector like Cethar Vessels, Rane Group companies, and other industrial plants. The recent setting up of IT parks at Navalpattu is also positive indicator for the future.

On the educational front, The National Institute of Technology (NIT), Indian Institute of Management, Bharathidasan University and Anna University of Technology have their campuses in the city. There are also many private educational institutions of repute in and around Trichy.

With the growth of the city driven by ever-increasing industrial and educational activity, its population is expected to reach a million mark and at that time, the need for housing is expected to meet with explosive growth in demand. That said, plenty of real estate opportunities lie in the district.

With the implementation of the national quadrilateral roads, real estate development has seen enormous growth across the city and the urban limit has been expanding on all sides of the city. Mainly, the belts on the Trichy-Chennai line have witnessed rapid development.

While the Trichy-Thanjavur line had already seen fast growth due to the existence of a major industrial activity in the form of BHEL and its ancillary units, the four-laning of this highway has propelled realty interest in the areas surrounding the road nearly upto Thanjavur. Similarly, the Trichy-Pudukkottai and Trichy-Viralimalai stretches have also created tremendous opportunities. The Thuraiyur belt is also attracting land investments.

Siruganur-Palur on the Trichy-Chennai highway, the Thirunedungulam on the Trichy-Thanjavur highway, Viralimalai belt on the Trichy-Madurai highway, Guntur on the Trichy-Pudukkottai highway and Thogamalai of the Thuraiyur belt on the Trichy-Salem main road are some of the key areas that have been attracting huge interest for realty investment.

Sad, though unavoidable, is that some of the cultivable areas are also being converted into realty prospects.

Urbanisation along with globalisation has been driving the growth of the city as never before.

Trichy is now being transformed into one of the major cities of the country.

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