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VOL. XXII NO. 6, July 1-15, 2012
By Ranjitha Ashok

The Stat(us)E of being

You open your email.

Let's see now....delete, delete, boorrring, delete immediately.

Your eyes stray to the left hand corner.

Wow – lots of green. You obviously know a whole bunch of cyber-space goof-off-ers.

Then you see it.

A 'status' message peeping out from under a name, stating: 'Stepping on eggshells of thin ice...'

Offered such delightful hokum, you abandon email for this far more promising avenue for imaginative speculation.

Status messages can be such fun – and intriguing.

Like the one that goes: 'I'm the lost cause I was warned about...'

A line like that offers some fascinating opportunities to re-think long held opinions, especially of people you think you know.

Another preaches: 'Reach for the moon, you may at least bag some stars'.

Hmm.... this has addicted-to-self-help-books all over it.

A martyred one sniffles: 'I'm going just so you'll miss me.'

Now that's just sad – silly sad, at that.

Status messages may have begun as a mere means of instant indicators, but they're turning into an art form.

Is it a little like peeping into someone's mind?

Or offering people deliberately tantalising glimpses of your life?


But hey – it's a whole new world of 'speaking', 'seeing' and 'talking' these days....and 'reaching out to touch someone'.

As Biswajit, our cartoonist, is out of town, his cartoon does not appear this fortnight


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