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(ARCHIVE) Vol. Vol. XVIII No. 19, january 16-31, 2009
(By Ranjitha Ashok)

All trussed up

Looking up at the sky to commune with the Universe?

Hmmm – may or may not work, depending on the area.

The Universe may be all-pervasive, but your vision isn’t.

"You should have known by now that Chennai is a weird, wired city!"

Instead, there is a good chance your eyes will run smack into thick black cables, and return to their sockets a more chastened, saddened bunch.

Urban skylines like to say it with cables.

They loop from tree to tree, roof to roof, or roof to pole to tree with the grace of a ballerina in flight; they drag homes and neighbours into a forced, usually undesired, companionship, with an occasional pipe, and even designer gateposts, becoming convenient props.

Trees protest against this affront to their dignity, of being used as cable-stands.

And those worthy citizens who choose helping themselves to other people’s earthly belongings over honest sweat and toil, complain bitterly about those dreadful cable wires getting in their way, leading to discovery, and subsequent unpleasantness.

If there are cables that run through the air, there are shy, reclusive ones running underground, connecting us to the world.

It’s like living in a humungous Web.

Rumour has it that techie-people are working on solutions.

Can you hear the city sighing in relief?

Being laced-in so tight is not okay for a generously-built lady who likes to breathe free.



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