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(ARCHIVE) Vol. Vol. XVIII No. 19, january 16-31, 2009
Quizzin' with Ram'nan

(Current Affairs questions are from the period December 16th to 31st. Questions 11 to 20 pertain to Chennai and Tamil Nadu.)

1. Who was Time magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ for 2008?

2. Which NRI created history on December 19th by becoming the first Asian to preside over the House of Lords?

3. On December 19th, the U.S. Government gave loans worth $13.4 billion to prevent the collapse of which two iconic car­makers?

4. Which party-led Grand Alliance swept to power in Bangladesh recently?

5. Name the Union Minister who resigned following his comments on the killing of senior police officers during the Mumbai carnage.

6. Where was the country’s first Indian Maritime University inaugurated recently?

7. Mark Felt, who played a big role in uncovering the Watergate scandal in the early 70s, died recently. How was he better known?

8. Capoco Design and Aston Martin have shared a prize for de­signing what ‘symbol’ of London?

9. The Government has declared a ‘no-fly zone’ around a 10-km radius of which ‘place’ some 80km from Chennai “in the interest of the security of India”?

10. Who recently created a record by winning the National ‘A’chess championship for men for the sixth time in succession?

*     *     *

11. In Chennai, ‘The School in the Park’ is formally called…?

12. The building called East Nook on Marshall’s Road is said to have first hosted what?

13. Of the four who founded the Justice Party, two were Pitti Theagaraya Chetty and Dr. T.M. Nair. Name the other two.

14. What distinction does ‘Mohammed Troop’ have in the history of scouting in India?

15. What first does Lt. Col. T. Murari, a former Director of Animal Husbandry, Andhra Pradesh, hold as far as Madras sport is concerned?

16. What was the family name of the family that has traditionally ‘protected’ Adam’s Bridge, the ‘causeway’ linking India and Sri Lanka?

17. Which club came into being because the Madras Club would not allow women and children into its main building off Mount Road?

18. The Unfinished Journey is a ­biography of which entrepreneur who started, amongst  other institutions, the IOB?

19. What were the ‘Four Old Towns’ as mentioned in the Company records in the late 17th Century?

20. Veppathur Kittoo adapted Robert McCaire the Male Bandit, a novel by G.W.M. Reynolds, as the basis for the story of which evergreen cinema classic?


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1. Barack Obama; 2. Swraj Paul; 3. General Motors and Chrysler; 4. Awami League; 5. A.R. Antulay; 6. Chennai; 7. ‘Deep Throat’, the secret informant; 8. The Routemaster double-decker bus; 9. Kalpakkam nuclear installation; 10. Surya Sekhar Ganguly.

*     *     *

11. Sacred Heart Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Church Park, Mount Road; 12. All India Radio station; 13. O. Thanikachalam Chettiar and Dr. C. Natesa Mudaliar; 14. It was the first scout troop in Madras; 15. He was the first Indian to play cricket for the Madras Cricket Club; 16. Sethupathis of Ramanathapuram; 17. Adyar Club; 18. M.Ct.M. Chidambaram Chettyar; 19. Egmore, Purasawalkam and Tondiarpet together with Triplicane; 20. S.S. Vasan’s Chandralekha.

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