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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XVIII No. 25, april 16-30, 2009
(By Ranjitha Ashok)

Hi, will be...

Irritating, isn't it?

When people use incomplete sentences?

Well, here's an even more annoying version – those who press 'Send' on their cell phones before completing their messages.

"Errr...didn’t you read my second sms I sent you just now asking you not to look into Bruno’s eyes and say hello?"

Those of you guilty of that particular outrage are quick to defend yourselves.

"It happens. You're in a hurry – you end up pressing the wrong buttons. Big deal," you say loftily.

Since most of your audience believes that depressing pretension is good exercise, they immediately snap back with: "Well, maybe if you didn't try so hard to be Trigger-Happy-Terror, the fastest draw this side of the Cooum, we'd get more intelligible messages from you."

"Well, not all of us belong to the 'Whr R U?' School of Communication," you sulk, but you have to admit they are right.

Imagine getting a message that goes: "Arrvng to….", and not knowing if that's a 'today' or a 'tomorrow', and having to call back, possibly getting diverted into voice mail, since the sender is under the happy illusion that the message has got through.

Total panic.

Learning this squashed, scrunched SMS language is bad enough; being forced to play "Complete the following…" is just that bit too much.

Remember school exam advice from way back?

"Always go over your work."

Old-fashioned, but effective. Highly recommended, especially for today's need-for-speed-ists.


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