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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XVIII No. 25, april 16-30, 2009
Quizzin' with Ram'nan

(Current Affairs questions are from the period March 1st to 15th. Questions 11 to 20 pertain to Chennai and Tamil Nadu.)

1. In the context of HIV/AIDS, Pope Benedict XVI’s recent denunciation of what sparked an international outcry?

2. What is Y(4140) that has created a ripple in the world of science recently?

3. Name the Formula One team that became the first team to win on its debut since Wolf in 1977.

4. Who has once again become the Israeli Prime Minister after a gap of 10 years?

5. ‘Well Armed’ struck it rich by claiming $6 million on March 28th. Who or what is ‘Well Armed’ and where did the riches come from?

6. What prestigious academic prize has been awarded to Isadore Singer and Sir Michael Atiyah this year?

7. Which team won the women’s cricket World Cup and where did India finish?

8. What did the environment-conscious call 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. local time on March 28, 2009?

9. Which world leader strengthened his Irish ancestry credentials by claiming his Great-great-great grandfather on his mother’s side to be Irish?

10. Which 82-year-old giant of Latin American literature and a Nobel Laureate has finally ­decided to lay down his pen for good?

* * *

11. In 1791, the citizens of Madras, describing themselves as ‘three hundred thousand useful subjects’, asked the Government to tax them for what reason?

12. What place of worship in Vepery was founded by Bro. Bakth Singh and his co-workers in July 1941?

13. In the days of the Raj, what was the term used for silverware that featured Hindu Gods and Goddesses as part of the design element?

14. The Children’s Traffic Park on Poonamallee High Road is a gift from which corporate since 1960s?

15. Which place of learning had its genesis in 1903 in Dobbin Hall?

16. Of the three institutions that K. Seetharama Rao founded, two are Dasaprakash and Dharma­prakash. Name the third.

17. To which nearby city was the South Sea Gate colonnade, comprising 32 columns, that George Morton Pitt created in Madras, carried off in 1746?

18. Which place in Villupuram District is famous for the National Fossil Wood Park?

19. To commemorate what event did the Geological Survey of India erect a monument at St. Thomas’ Mount in 1975?

20. The place once called Komatla Thota or Kooragayala Thota is known to most of us today as…?

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1. Condoms; 2. It’s a new subatomic particle discovered in Illinois’s Fermilab atom smasher which may break all known rules for creating matter; 3. Brawn GP; 4. Benjamin Netanyahu; 5. It’s a horse and it won the Dubai World Cup, the richest trophy in horse racing; 6. The Abel Prize in mathematics; 7. England and third; 8. Earth Hour; 9. Barack Obama; 10. Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

* * *

11. Defence of the town, simple!; 12. Church at Jehovah Shammah; 13. Swami Silver; 14. Burmah Shell; 15. The Madras Veterinary College; 16. Dasaprasada; 17. Pondicherry; 18. Tiruvakkarai; 19. The name ‘Charnockite,’ proposed by Sir Thomas Holland for the rocks at St. ­Thomas Mount; 20. Kotwal Chavdi.

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