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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XVIII No. 27, may 16-31, 2009
(By Ranjitha Ashok)


Aunt Ooo-So-Young is sulking.

It’s amazing how trends start, gather strength, sometimes turning into traditions.

Someone gets really, really mad at someone else, and having apparently run out of words, gestures and such-like modes of expression, starts saying it with footwear. Next thing you know – everyone’s at it.

"Don’t forget to add the dress code in the invitation for the meeting – shirt with collar and sleeves, tie, socks, but NO shoes or any other kind of footwear!"

At the recently-held Convention of ‘Feet First’, the Global Federation of Those in the Business of Footwear, emotions were mixed.

Some felt this was good, because footwear that is launched into the atmosphere usually leads to the perforce purchase of new pairs, which is always good for business.

The more sensitive, however, were almost Hamlet-like in their angst. “Is this right?” they murmured. “Do we take all this trouble with design, pricing, comfort factor, durability… only to have someone fling them around, turning them into WMDs; or into something that has a dubious connection with being insulting?”

But the cannier saw fresh pastures – they suggested colour-coding, to symbolise the causes being fought.

Green tones if you are throwing footwear for the environment; darker shades for other issues, etc.

There were debates over the flinging of stilettos... you could make a point, literally, in a far harsher way than intended.

Maybe, it is time to rethink this manner of expression.

You could really hurt someone.

And that’s never a good thing – for any side.


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