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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XVIII No. 27, may 16-31, 2009
Quizzin' with Ram'nan

(Current Affairs questions are from the period April 16 to 30. Questions 11 to 20 pertain to Chennai and Tamil Nadu.)

1. According to the International Monetary Fund, the world economy won’t recover until which year?

2. In a big win for digital anti-­piracy movement, the founders of which site were found guilty of copyright infringement and ­imprisoned until 2010?

3. Who purchased Sun Micro­systems for $7.4 billion recently?

4. In a big breakthrough, which common herbivore’s genome was sequenced recently?

5. Name the first student-made satellite built by an Indian University launched on April 20 from ISRO’s Satish Dhawan Space Centre.

6. Which South American country has recently laid claim to 1,700,000 sq km of ocean, stretching as far as the Antarctic?

7. Which ailment that has created worldwide panic first struck Mexico, infecting over a thousand people?

8. As its support to Interpol’s Global Security Initiative, software giant Microsoft has decided on which tool free of charge to all 187 participating countries?

9. According to a recent study, which stealthy bird may provide a blueprint for lowering noise levels of new aircraft?

10. The BCCI has offered amnesty to Indian ICL players but with what two conditions?

* * *

11. Chief Merchant Sunka Rama’s garden acquired by Governor Morton Pitt in 1734 led to founding of which part of Madras?

12. Umdat-ul-Umrah, Prince of Arcot, was the first Indian to become….?

13. The keel of which ship that was blown opposite the PWD offices on the Marina in 1966 proved a dangerous hazard for many years?

14. Which controversial English captain played his last Test match at the Chepauk in early 1930s?

15. Which church was built in early 16th Century, after a divine experience, by Friar Pedro of the Observance of St. Francis?

16. In which temple are the umbrellas taken to Tirupati from Madras traditionally kept for a night before proceeding to the temple town?

17. How many wells actually made up the ‘Seven Wells’ near Stanley Hospital?

18. If Muthialpet was by and large made up of the ‘left hand castes’, which place had the ‘right hand castes’ in the New Black Town of yore?

19. What discovery by Major C. Donovan is commemorated by a plaque at the General Hospital near Central Station?

20. Which bank was established on 15th August 1907 as part of the Swadeshi movement?

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1. 2010; 2. The Pirate Bay; 3. Oracle Corporation; 4. The cow; 5. ANUSAT; 6. Argentina; 7. Swine flu; 8. Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor (COFEE); 9. Owl; 10. Sever ties with the ‘rebel’ league by May 31 and be willing to wait for a year to be considered for selection to the Indian national team.

* * *

11. Chintadre Pettah (Chintadripet); 12. A Freemason (Madras Mason); 13. Stamatis; 14. Douglas Jardine of the ‘Bodyline’ fame; 15. Church of Our Lady of Light at Luz, Mylapore; 16. Kasi Viswanathar Temple at Ayana­varam; 17. Ten; 18. Peddanaic­kenpet; 19. The organism that causes ‘Kala Azar’ (Visceral leishmaniasis); 20. The Indian Bank.

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