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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XIX No. 12, october 1-15, 2009
By Ranjitha Ashok

The great escape

Busy festival-ing?

Well, that’s natural for some chunks of our population this time of year.

Certain sections of Chennai-ites were very busy recently – or at least the female of the species were, as they darted about earnestly, while the males conveniently wrote themselves out of the daily script – as usual.

If you were part of the vethalai-pakku brigade, you must have noticed, while weaving in and out of homes, that you pretty much ran into the same set of invitees.

It happens – A, B, C and D invite you and V,W, X, Y and Z... who also ‘call’ each other, a system that’s great for bonding, but tough on the art of conversation, especially if you run into the same person four houses in a row.

Here’s where lifts (or elevators) come in handy.

Driveways sometimes demand conversation. But unemotional lift doors that open and shut briskly, demanding nimbleness in arrival and departure, are a great way of skipping small talk.

All you have to do is smile brilliantly, gesture regretfully towards the lift doors awaiting you, indicating that you would have loved to stay and chat, but… and then spring in (or out of) the lift, pressing buttons in a business-like manner.

Festivals have their moments – and technology its uses.


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