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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XIX No. 12, october 1-15, 2009
Quizzin' with Ram'nan

(Current Affairs questions are from the period September 1st to 15th. Questions 11 to 20 pertain to Chennai and Tamil Nadu.)

1. Which Asian country was recently suspended from the Commonwealth of Nations because it refused to bow to demands to call elections by next year?

2. Which controversial African leader celebrated on September 1st the 40th anniversary of the coup d’etat which brought him to power?

3. The 70th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II was observed on September 1st in the country which was first attacked by Nazi Germany. Name the country.

4. Which EPL club was recently barred by FIFA from purchasing players on transfer until January 2011?

5. Which star of City of Joy and Dirty Dancing passed away recently, after suffering from pancreatic cancer?

6. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown recently apologised for the treatment of which celebrated computer scientist and WW II?

7. Who did Kim Clijsters beat to win the U.S. Open and cap a remarkable comeback from a two-year layoff?

8. At which UNESCO World Heritage Site in Turkey was a colossal Apollo statue unearthed recently?

9. The first ever video game of which legendary musical group was released on September 9th?

10. Which celebrity was interred 70 days after his death in the Great Mausoleum on the grounds of the Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale, California?

* * *

11. What would you find on the site of a garden house called Grassmere?

12. Name the new photo journal, portraying Old Madras and New Chennai, that has the name of a performer whose name is all over the metropolis.

13. What came up at a building called Tower House on Miller’s Road in Kilpauk in the mid-1910s?

14. About which Tamil girl’s death in South Africa did Mahatma Gandhi write: “The loss of .......... would perhaps affect me more than that of my elder brother (Lakshmidass)?”

15. Which city is Madras’s (Chennai) Russian twin?

16. Which film personality is the Lok Sabha MP from Perambalur?

17. What was the main building called in the Fort that Francis Day and Andrew Cogan built?

18. Name the famous phonographer who wrote Lightning Cuts to High Speed in Pitman’s Shorthand, an international bestseller?

19. Which TV channel, promoted by Fortune Media, made its debut on April 14, 2001?

20. What is the official name of the Pamban Bridge that connects the Rameswaram island with the mainland?

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1. Fiji; 2. Muammar Gaddafi; 3. Poland; 4. Chelsea FC; 5. Patrick Swayze; 6. Alan Turing; 7. Caroline Wozniacki; 8. Hierapolis, now called Pamukkale; 9. The Beatles; 10. Michael Jackson.

* * *

11. Tamil Nadu Archives and Records Office; 12. Looking for P. James; 13. The first film studio in South India; 14. Thillaiyadi Valliammai, after whom the main showroom of Co-optex on Pantheon Road in Chennai is named; 15. Volgograd; 16. D. Napoleon; 17. The Castle; 18. K.S. Aiyar; 19. SS Music; 20. Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge.


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