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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XX No. 4, june 1-15, 2010
Adyar Poonga gets ready
for the public
(By a Special Correspondent)

Adyar Poonga, the natural space off San Thomé High Road and Greenways Road which is now being ‘restored’ as part of a State Government project will, hopefully, be open to the public later this year.

The area that is currently being restored is spread over 58 acres. When completed, it will be rich in plant, animal and bird life, the kind that once existed in this area which is an extension of the Adyar river estuary in the Foreshore Estate area.

J.T. Rex Vaz, Education Officer of Adyar Poonga, says that the Poonga will be open to the public by the end of December and that it will be partially accessible to people, while the rest of it will serve as a natural habitat for animal life.

The forest area is being created by planting thousands of tropical evergreen trees. As of now, 90,000 saplings have been planted and 100,000 more will be planted during the year. Artificial water bodies, such as small ponds, have been created and fish are being nurtured in them.

Rex Vaz says that already a large variety of birds visit the area.

Being given a first look at the area which is to be open to the public, we found that long and winding walking spaces had been created.

The walking area has four wooden bridges, several artificially created hillocks, a few huts and bird-watch stops. There are some stone sculptures of wild animals too here.

In one spot, there is a variety of masala grinding stones which create an artistic installation on the ground. These were dug up when the entire area was cleared of waste, garbage and muck.

Along South Canal Bank Road, a mangrove forest has been created, as the soil is well suited for such growth.

This may not turn out to be a fun and games kind of space for the public. What the developers have in mind is a space which allows people to appreciate and be aware of the amazing range of plant, animal and bird life in a natural oasis in a metro.

‘Friends of Adyar Poonga’ is an organisation which has been started as an initiative to promote environment conservation.

The group has about 40 members and they help in creating environmental awareness in local schools. The members meet every second Saturday of the month at 10 a.m. inside the Poonga. Persons who are interested in nature are welcome to join this group.

More details can be had from Rex Vaz at 6458 5169/94442 87739. – (Courtesy: Mylapore Times)


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