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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XX No. 4, june 1-15, 2010
Dates for your Diary

Till June 7: Bhuta Kolas of South Kanara, a photo exhibition. P. Prathibha, an Arts Management Intern of DakshinaChitra, presents a photographic exhibition on the facial make-up, ornamentation, masks, swords, anklet and costumes of this South Indian practice of worship of semi-divine spirits, ancestors, totemistic deities, differnt forms of the mother goddess etc. (At DakshinaChitra Art Gallery, 10.30 am-5.30 pm.)

June 10-19: The little festival from The Little Theatre is an international theatre festival for children. (At Museum Theatre. For details call 2821 1115.)

Kingdom of Joomba, a musical fantasy by The Little Theatre. A 1-hour 15-minute musical fantasy that takes place in an enchanted forest. (June 10,11,12, 15 & 16 – 7 p.m. and June 12 – 3 p.m.)

Matti, Patti, Bu, a puppet theatre for children 3 to 6 years, from Germany by Fliegendes Theatre, Berlin. Theatre with coloured shadows, an actor and live music. (June 13, 14 – 4 p.m.)

Choon Hyang, an English musical from Korea by Theatre Seoul, based on a famous Korean folktale. (June 18, 19 – 7 p.m.)

June 12: Moon Arra with Jagadeesh (guitar), Madhuri (singer, songwriter), Prakash Sontakke (guitar, vocal and violin), Karthik Mani (percussion) and Wilson Kenneth (bass).

Moon Arra (three streams) is a musical journey where musicians from different styles and approaches meet to explore sounds and influences from jazz to Indian classical with a strong leaning towards melody and a jazz-like improvisation in its compostions and interpretations of other songs and tunes. Founded by Jagadeesh and Madhuri to denote something that could be worldlike in its approach to music and improvisation. Moon Arra can best be identified as a meeting ground of 5 musicians. A platform where musicial minds can exchange styles, thoughts and musical action. Moon Arra is also working on an album of original music and plans to produce it soon. (At Le Royal Meridien, 7.30 p.m.)

June 20: Rock Concert with Indian bands. An open platform concert with artistes from Chennai and all over India. (At YMCA Grounds, 12 noon to 10.00 p.m.)

June 21: Osher Moosica is a group of talented musicians. It has seen rapid growth in its fan base, and the band attracts great crowds every time it plays. (At Zara Tapas Bar, 8.00 p.m.)


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