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(ARCHIVE) VOL. XXII No. 11, September 16-31, 2012
Dates for your Diary

Till September 16: Exhibition of water colours by S. Potrarasan. His water colours recreate everyday scenes, rainy days, busy city roads and serene temple hillocks. He has been awarded the National research scholarship for ceramics for the year 2012-13 by Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi. There will be on display about 20 works in the show (at DakshinaChitra).

September 19-30: Exhibition of paintings and drawings of Lord Ganesha by M. Suriyamoorthy.

Workshops at DakshinaChitra

Adult workshops

September 15, 16 & 22: Terracotta jewellery

September 16: Ceramic workshop on making Ganesha

September 22 & 23: Madhubani

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In this Issue

Lurching from crisis to crisis
If Anna Arches, why not other heritage buildings?
China can help us connect
Luminaries of our High Court
Looking back on Madras Week
Tracing the City's Old Wall
New facts learnt...
Zooming in on a changing Chennai
The Murugappa Madras Quotient Quiz 2012

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Dates for your diary


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