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(ARCHIVE) VOL. XXII No. 11, September 16-31, 2012
Quizzin' with Ram'nan

(Current Affairs questions are from the period August 16th to 31st. Questions 11 to 20 pertain to Chennai and Tamil Nadu.)

1. Which eminent company was recently directed by the Supreme Court to refund Rs. 17,400 crore to its investors?

2. Who led India to glory in the under-19 cricket World Cup recently by scoring a century in the final?

3. Name the Olympic heroes awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna on August 29th?

4. Name the new Chief of Naval Staff.

5. Which global IT giant has unveiled a new logo recently, its first major change in 25 years?

6. Simple one. Name the first human on the Moon who passed away recently.

7. Name the Indian who is ranked No. 6 in the Forbes annual list of 100 most powerful women in the world.

8. Name the new Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha.

9. Name the legend who has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and banned for life.

10. How did NASA administrator Charlie Bolden's message make news on August 27th?

* * *

11. How many zones and wards are there in the Chennai Corporation limits?

12. Name the eminent resident of Chennai who was the first Asian to win the junior Wimbledon title.

13. Which Australian legend has taken over from Dennis Lillee as the Director of the city-based MRF Pace Foundation?

14. Nine Gems, which was located at the now demolished Safire Theatre complex, is considered the city's first...?

15. The name of which now-busting locality of Chennai is supposedly a corruption of the original 'Vedashreni'?

16. Which eminent freedom fighter's statue is in the southwest corner of the Madras High Court campus?

17. Which Saivite spiritual leader was born Swetharanyar and is also known as Thiruvenkadar?

18. What does V.M. expand to in the name of the popular V.M. Street in Mylapore?

19. Which imposing edifice from the State was featured in the now-demonetised Rs. 1000 note issued in the 1950s?

20. Apart from Sri Lanka, of which Asian nation is Tamil an official language?

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1. Sahara Group; 2. Unmukt Chand; 3. Yogeshwar Dutt and Vijay Kumar; 4. Admiral Devendra Kumar Joshi; 5. Microsoft; 6. Neil Armstrong; 7. Sonia Gandhi; 8. Prof. P.J. Kurien; 9. Lance Armstrong; 10. His has become the first audio recording of a human voice to be sent from the surface of another planet.

* * *

11. 15 zones made up of 200 wards; 12. Ramanathan Krishnan; 13. Glenn McGrath; 14. Discotheque; 15. Velachery; 16. T. Prakasam; 17. Pattinathar; 18. Venkatachala Mudali; 19. Brihadeeswarar Temple; 20. Singapore.

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