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VOL. XXII NO. 4, June 1-15, 2012
By Ranjitha Ashok

Water-ed Down

"You should have listened to me and asked for bottled water!"


Did you see that recent report carried by certain newspapers on Chennai's horrendous pipe water?

Apparently, a deeply toxic cocktail, pretending to be water, flows through the city pipes, bursting at the seams with various forms of bacteria.

Which means that every time you turn that tap on, a majorly lethal mess gushes (or trickles) out.

(Makes you want to burn that toothbrush, doesn't it?)

Your head swims at the list of diseases that can, and do, result...

...while your stomach churns, when the report adds that these pipes are old, rusted and full of holes, inviting even more filth in, as they wind their way beneath all that terra firma.

Oh, you think 'packaged water' is safe? Think again – evidence has it that several of those involved are frauds. Makes you wonder about those Ma-Baker-like-mothers'-knees where these misguided souls developed their moral framework.

Very sad.

Guys, you cannot seek to be a global-looking (and thinking, hopefully) world presence of a city ... and still mess up on basics like clean water, blithely uncaring of citizens sharing space with those nasty 'gram-negative, rod-shaped bacterium Escherichia coli'... or E coli.

So maybe we start there, before worrying about obvious externals?

Surface gloss without bare-essentials infra-structure?



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