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VOL. XXII NO. 4, June 1-15, 2012
Sounds you do not hear...
... on the Guindy campus today
  • Rhythmic roar of waves on Elliot's Beach lulling you to sleep at nights, now muffled due to the concrete jungle in between.
  • The rattle of trains over the steel bridges across the Adyar River, as bridges have been converted to prestressed concrete girders and fully ballasted.
  • The whistle of steam locomotives from the Saidapet Railway Station, now replaced by hooters of electric and diesel locomotives.
  • The booming bell from the clock tower, now replaced by electric bells in the corridors.
  • The yapping and howling of jackals at night.
  • The rallying cry of "Parpu Masi Singa Masi Hoi, Hoi" during matches with other colleges.
  • The thup-thup of boxing gloves during sparring and on punching bags while training for the Lalita Sastri inter-collegiate boxing tournament. (Courtesy: Alumni Association College of Engineering Guindy Newsletter).

– T. Adhiraj

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Sounds you do not hear

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