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VOL. XXII NO. 5, June 16-31, 2012
By Ranjitha Ashok

Things Go Better With...

"This healthy Japanese cola has made my life so easy, no cleaning bottles, handling milk powders and all that rubbish!"

If you recognise those words, you've probably been at the receiving end of, then as years went by, partaken in endless should-you-shouldn't-you debates over colas.

Guess what?

A new cola has been developed 'There' – (the other 'There', that is). A healthy version of the "carbonated beverage" that was "originally flavoured and caffeinated by the kola nut".

The words 'Healthy' and 'Cola' together?

Cola drinkers – especially the young – are happy. But, with a caution born of watching adults constantly goof up, they prefer to reserve judgment.

"There's still many a slip twixt glass and the lip." They declare.

"First," they point out: "You'll have to convince the parents."


Veterans of thousands of battles over colas, children and parents know that the gap between 'It's harmless' and 'It will make your teeth fall out' is a big one.

Next, barring notable exceptions, there is a general prejudice that anything that's 'good' for you is probably lamentably short on taste.

Then, the toughest test of all: Will it be cool to be seen sipping this beverage?

Wouldn't it be great if it all came together?

Taste, image and the 'good-for-you' factor?

You have to admit – when the worlds of taste and health blend – it's the real thing.


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