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VOL. XXII NO. 5, June 16-31, 2012
Quizzin' with Ram'nan

(Current Affairs questions are from the period May 16th to 31st. Questions 11 to 20 pertain to Chennai and Tamil Nadu.)

1. Who won the Orange and Purple Caps in the latest edition of the IPL?

2. Robin Gibb, who died recently, was part of which famous band that was named after him and his brothers?

3. Which popular online entity had the third biggest IPO in U.S. history on May 18th?

4. On May 22nd, how did the Falcon 9 rocket, launched by SpaceX, make history?

5. Name the inventor of the wireless remote control who passed away recently.

6. Name the edifice in Dubai, 413.4 metre tall with 101 storeys above ground, which was declared the world's tallest building recently.

7. Which news-making African nation formally ended on May 31st a 31-year state of emergency, which had given security forces broad powers to suppress civil unrest and detain dissenters?

8. Name the Hindi classic, produced by a legendary thespian, that has been recently included in the All-Time 100 Greatest Films by Time magazine?

9. For what 'crime' was Pakistan's Dr. Shakeel Afridi sentenced to 33 years' imprisonment on charges of treason?

10. Jean-Marc Ayrault, sworn in on May 16th, is the new Prime Minister of which European nation?

* * *

11. Which Chennai resident made front page news on May 30th because of his exploits at the Moscow's State Tretyakov Gallery?

12. Name the first President of Madras when the Presidency of Fort St George was created in 1652.

13. Name the famous writer who, influenced by Ramana Maharshi, wrote an essay titled 'The Man On The Hill' in his praise.

14. Name the small village near Perambalur where you can see half-a-dozen Buddha statues dating from the 11th Century and later.

15. Which respected Chennai institution was founded in 1927 by the siblings Vedantam and Rajam?

16. Which building on Mount Road was designed by a United Kingdom firm Brown and Moulin and constructed by Coromandel Engineering in the 1950s?

17. Dr Abraham Pandithar's Sangita Vidya Mahajana Sangam was the first to organise what type of event in Thanjavur on May 27, 1912?

18. In which town would you visit the Pennington Public Library founded in 1875??

19. Which place's famous jamukkalam has got the GI tag?

20. Which place inside Fort St. George was solemnly opened on May 28, 1680?

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1. Chris Gayle and Morne Morkel; 2. Bee Gees; 3. Facebook; 4. It became the first non-governmental spacecraft to launch and dock with the International Space Station; 5. Eugene Polley; 6. Princess Tower; 7. Egypt; 8. Raj Kapoor's Awaara; 9. For helping the CIA track down Osama bin Laden by collecting DNA samples from residents of bin Laden's compound; 10. France.

* * *

11. Viswanathan Anand; 12. Aaron Baker; 13. Somerset Maugham; 14. Thiyaganur; 15. Murray & Co.; 16. LIC; 17. Carnatic music conference; 18. Srivilliputhur; 19. Bhavani; 20. St. Mary's Church.

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