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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XVIII No. 9, august 16-31, 2008
(Ranjitha Ashok)

“I shouldn’t have bought the Chinese GPS instrument, it only shows directions to the Olympic stadium from anywhere!”

Look for the twisted tree

Been standing in queue for what seems like several lifetimes?

Perhaps it’s a generational thing, but you haven’t really succeeded in developing that blasé, no-big-deal attitude of the young towards technology.

Which explains your open-mouthed wonder at this whole GPS thing.

Imagine getting into your vehicle and being guided gently to your destination by an unfailingly polite, encouraging (albeit disembodied) voice.

Or getting directions through your cell phone…


Of course, given our specific, happily insouciant attitude towards roads, road-usage, and even house numbering, the whole GPS team probably has to come out of their comfort-zone, and stretch their boundaries a bit.

We need the Voice to tell us more. 

Like: “Vehicle ahead about to make an impromptu U-turn on a whim.”

Or: “Extra large, completely unexplained, hole ahead.”

“No. 30 need not necessarily follow No. 29. And who says III Cross Street must come after a II Cross Street?”

“Do not attempt to squeeze large vehicle into tiny space – and I don’t care if you’ve spent the last one hour searching for parking.”

You remember that old adage about men and their inability to ask for, or take, directions?

Well, the GPS Voice has certainly tamed that particular beast.

So, the next time your specific bit-of-trouble indulges in a spot of throwing-weight-about, use the GPS method of speech. It seems to work.


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