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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XVIII No. 9, august 16-31, 2008
Our Readers Write

Great effort

I googled for Madras Week celebrations (2008) and found some details in the webpage http://sriramv.word­

I was fascinated by the qua­lity of programmes (lectures and slide shows, exhibitions, guided tours). Amazing, indeed, is the list of programmes! I regret that I am not there to enjoy these (at least some of them).

I find the list is fascinatingly intellectual, whetting the appetites of any intelligent Madras resident. I hope these efforts will percolate to the grassroots level, so that people even at the lower social stratum will feel excited about the town they live in and its rich ‘Tamil-Telugu-English’ heritage.

I regret that I am missing all the information and fun. The efforts are proving productive. I hope it will sustain in the future as well.

Dr. A. Raman
University of New South Wales

Nudging the reader

‘Homer’ has not nodded but only nudged an ­errant reader and his votary! (MM, August 1st).

I am told that the former illustrious Chief Justice of the Madras High Court, Justice P.V. Rajamannar, used to be on the Bench with eyes closed and head lowered, in an apparent state of sleep. But the moment a counsel “strayed”, he would tap his table with a pen! The Editor of Madras Musings reminds me of that dignitary.

N. Dharmeshwaran
11/5, First Cross
Bharath Nagar
Chennai 600 091

Sadly, no more

In ‘Recalling some old Mylaporeans’ (MM, August 1st) you had hopefully expected the journalist speaker to respond on seeing the article. I regret having to tell you that your hopes are in vain, as the journalist speaker is no more. He was Hamsadhwani Ramachan­dran (RRC of The Hindu) who lived at 8 Pasupathi Agraharam (now Vedachala Gardens) in Mandaveli.

The late Ramachandran was a Scout, an eloquent speaker in his school/college days, and a journalist with the Free Press Journal, Indian Express in Pothan Joseph’s day and The Hindu.

After retirement he was the founder of Hamsadhwani, that well-known music sabha ­catering to South Madras residents.

R. Shamanna
Old 14, West Lint Road
II Cross, Malleswaram
Bangalore 560 003

For C.V. Raman University

Sir C.V. Raman along with the late Jagdish Chandra Bose, Dr. Radhakrishnan, Rabindranath Tagore, Sir C.P. Ramaswamy Iyer and Sir Viswesawarayya are the gems of Indian intellectualism in Science and Literature. Unfortunately many of the younger generation do not remember these great men.

The suggestion of reader R. Rajagopalan to make the Presidency College, Madras, C.V. Raman University is one to be welcomed and immediately acted on. When persons of less international recognition have their names associated with popular educational institutions, residential areas and airports, Sir C.V. Raman’s name should be considered for commemoration of a genius.

In Bangalore, where Sir C.V. Raman established the Raman Institute to which scientists from all over the world throng, the Government has named as C.V. Raman Nagar a large residential area with the Defence and Research Organisation Institute and many top-notch IT organisations, making Dr. Raman a household name in the city.

Dr. C.V. Subramanian
1017/1023 Gitanjali Layout
Bangalore 560 075
Tel: 080-2528 0177

Interesting articles

I found the articles on the wedding and on snakes extremely interesting. I am sure so did many others. Critics should not be so blinkered. (MM, August 1).

As for making Presidency College into C.V. Raman University, let good old Presidency remain so.

V. Ravindran
Sridevi Apartments
4th Trust Cross
Chennai 600 028

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