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(ARCHIVE) Vol. XVIII No. 9, august 16-31, 2008
Escalators for Chennai overbridges 

(An overbridge escalator clad in stainless steel under construction in New Delhi (above), and (below) an escalator already installed in Delhi.

Stainless steel escalators serving pedestrian overbridges will soon be seen at ten locations in Chennai and four in Tiruchi, Madras Musings learns.

The first such escalators to serve pedestrian overbridges have been commissioned in Delhi, according to the journal Stainless India. 20-25 more are to be commissioned in the capital.

Out of the twelve foot overbridges (FOBs) that have been commissioned in Delhi, six are fitted with stainless steel escalators.

The cost of these overbridges with escalators is around Rs. 3.8 crore; without escalators it works out to Rs.1.3 crore.  







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